Christmas Camps

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Adv 6th, any 7th, and any 8th grades

Monday and Tuesday, Dec 30/31, 2013
Advanced 4th, any 5th, and any 6th Grades

Christmas holiday camps are being offered for girls in the 4th - 8th grades.  6th Grade girls with 2 or more years of experience can attend the 7th and 8th grade session on December 27th if desired.  That camp will include a pizza and drink break at 2pm so you can eat lighter before coming to camp.  Newer 6th graders should sign up for the December 30th and 31st camp.  We will be helping girls develop their serve, attack footwork (approach), blocking footwork, and passing accuracy. This is great chance to get some extra practice time and skill help before the upcoming CYO and JO season.