1st Week Game Times for September Session
The entire schedule will be posted on the league standings pages after the 1st matches are played.

Team Name League Desired First Name Last Name Game time
Awkwardly effective Women's A Ct 3 Jen Gehring 6:30 Ct 3
All About That Ace Women's A Ct 3 Bunni  Huntsberger 8:30 Ct 3
Team Tequila Women's A Ct 3 Patricia Ennis 8:30 Ct 3
Steam Women's A Ct 3 Jenny Breissinger 6:30 Ct 3
Push 25 Women's A Ct 3 Jeanne Spitler 7:30 Ct 3
Chuck Norris Women's A Ct 3 Amy Rogers 7:30 Ct 3
Victorious Secret Women's A Ct 3     TBD
Net threats Women's B/C (if enough teams) Patty Hube BYE
Amber's Team Women's B/C (if enough teams) Amber Turner 7:30 Ct 2
Kiss My Ace Women's BB Ct 2 Fernanda Ahlers 6:30 Ct 2
GE Fitness Women's BB Ct 2 Molly Busam 6:30 Ct 4
Who's Next Women's BB Ct 4 Kim Wilson 7:30 Ct 4
Cuppycakes Women's BB Ct 4 Heather Claspill 7:30 Ct 4
Get Low Women's BB Ct 4 Dana Finney 8:30 Ct 4
What's Up Doc Women's BB Ct 4 Teresa Barnes 8:30 Ct 4
Emanon Women's BB Ct 2 Nancy Dorman Smith 6:30 Ct 4
Just us Women's BB Ct 2 Nancy Dorman Smith 7:30 Ct 2
Spikecicles Women's BB Ct 4 Mel Lewis 8:30 Ct 2
Six Pack Women's BB Ct 4 Cindy Shephard 8:30 Ct 2
Set for Success Women's BB Ct 4 Ruth Wagers 6:30 Ct 2
I'd Hit That Women's BB Ct 4 Portia Davis BYE
Team Liger Women's BB Ct 4 Rebekah Gill BYE
Dragon Fire Friday Coed 6 B Justin Logson 6:30 Ct 3
That's The Way Uh Huh Uh Huh I Spike It Friday Coed 6 B Jim Klinedinst BYE
Itsy Bitsy Spikers Friday Coed 6 B Jim Etherton 6:30 Ct 3
Moose Knuckles Friday Coed 6 B Victoria Ries BYE
Team Harris Friday Coed 6 B Hannah Harris 7:30 Ct 3
Red dogs Friday Coed 6 B Bob Fulop 7:30 Ct 3
Scared Hitless Friday Coed 6 C Angela Schnormeier 6:30 Ct 2
SET-sy and we know it Friday Coed 6 C Jeff Goble 6:30 Ct 2
Kiss My Ace Friday Coed 6 C Kara Vannoy 7:30 Ct 2
Notorious D.I.G Friday Coed 6 C Mariah Burton 7:30 Ct 2
Aces Aquired Friday Coed 6 C Mike Sellers 8:30 Ct 2
Dig This Friday Coed 6 C Amber Manson 8:30 Ct 2
Young & Older Wednesday Coed 4 A/BB Fred Harvey See league page
Inspired Wednesday Coed 4 A/BB Marty Luers See league page
Sugar and Spikes Wednesday Coed 4 A/BB Mel Lewis See league page
Balls Out Wednesday Coed 4 A/BB Jim Ruck See league page
Yo Momma Wednesday Coed 4 A/BB Jamin Toran See league page
Diggin It Wednesday Coed 4 B/C Cara Benjey See league page
Kiss my pass Wednesday Coed 4 B/C Brian French  
Hello From The Gutter Wednesday Coed 4 B/C Paul Carlile  
P.R Attack Wednesday Coed 4 B/C Sebastian Rodriguez  
How I set your mother  Wednesday Coed 4 B/C Samantha Myers Drop
Hammer VC Wednesday Coed 4 B/C Tom Bausmith  
Fantastic Four Wednesday Coed 4 B/C Josh Brown