1st Week Game Times for May Session
The entire schedule will be posted on the league standings pages after the 1st matches are played.

Team Name League Desired First Name Last Name Game Time
Victorious Secret Women's A Ct 3 Erica  Stoelb 6:30 Ct 3
Awkwardly Effective Women's A Ct 3 Jen Gehring 6:30 Ct 3
Push 25 Women's A Ct 3 Jeanne Spitler 8:30 Ct 3
All About That Ace Women's A Ct 3 Bunni Huntsberger 7:30 Ct 3
Steam Women's A Ct 3 Jenny Breissinger 7:30 Ct 3
Chuck Norris Women's A Ct 3 Leslie Spencer 8:30 Ct 3
GE Fitness Women's BB Ct 2 Molly  Busam  8:30 Ct 4 
Set for Success Women's BB Ct 4 Ruth Wagers 7:30 Ct 4 
Notorious DIG  Women's BB Ct 4 Jazmin  Leach 8:30 Ct 2
Cuppy Cakes  Women's BB Ct 4 Heather Claspill  6:30 Ct 4 
What's UP Doc Women's BB Ct 4 Teresa Barnes  7:30 Ct 4 
Spikecicles Women's BB Ct 4      6:30 Ct 4 
Get Low Women's BB Ct 4   Finney BYE
Who's Next Women's BB Ct 4   Wilson BYE
I'd Hit That Women's BB Ct 4   Davis BYE
Six Pack Women's BB Ct 4   Shephard 8:30 Ct 2
Emanon Women's BB Ct 2   Smith 8:30 ct 4
Just Us Women's BB Ct 2   Smith 7:30 Ct 2
Net Results Women's BB Ct 2   Waldron 7:30 Ct 2
Kiss My Ace Women's BB Ct 2   Ahlers 6:30 Ct 2
Itsy Bitsy Spikers Women's BB Ct 2   Jackson 6:30 Ct 2

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Team Name League Desired First Name Last Name Game Time
Sugar and Spikes Coed 4's A/BB - Wednesdays Mel Lewis  
Yo Momma Coed 4's A/BB - Wednesdays   Toran  
Balls Out Coed 4's A/BB - Wednesdays   Ruck  
Manace II Sobriety Coed 4's A/BB - Wednesdays   O'Brien  
Thank You Sir May I Have Another Coed 4's B/C - Wednesday Nikki Ross  
Notorious D.I.G. Coed 4's B/C - Wednesday Chris Holscher  
How I set your mother  Coed 4's B/C - Wednesday Samantha Myers  
Fantastic Four Coed 4's B/C - Wednesday   Brown  
Hammer VC Coed 4's B/C - Wednesday   Bausmith  
Top Gun Coed 4's B/C - Wednesday   Meinberg  
Casual Sets Coed 4's B/C - Wednesday   Brown  
Diggin It Coed 4's B/C - Wednesday   Tanner  
We Showed Up Coed 4's B/C - Wednesday   Isaacs  
Getcha Two Scoops Coed 6's B - Fridays Ashley Stutzman  
Spiked Punch Coed 6's C - Fridays Kelly Hoover  
Tacocats Coed 6's C - Fridays Karen Turner  
Panthers Brew Crew Coed 6's C - Fridays Shannon Howard  
Bump Shakers Coed 6's C - Fridays Rob Hughes  
Sloppy Sets Coed 6's C - Fridays Jason Trubee  
Sonova Beach Coed 6's C - Fridays Bruce Weisenburgh  
Odd Balls Coed 6's C - Fridays Jennifer Campbell  
How I set your mother  Coed 6's C - Fridays Samantha Myers  
Pantera Coed 6's C - Fridays Jeremy Fox  
Below The Hard Deck Coed 6's C - Fridays Kirk Weber  
Taco Kittens Coed 6's C - Fridays Delaney Turner  
Here for the Beer Coed 6's C - Fridays   Melvin  
Moose Knuckles Coed 6's B - Fridays   Ries  
Kinky Sets Coed 6's C - Fridays   Hollenbeck  
Volleybrawlers Coed 6's C - Fridays   McGowan  
Bump, Set, Beer Coed 6's B - Fridays   Steinke  
Bumpin Uglies Coed 6's C - Fridays   Schauer