2011 Elevation U13 General Information
Players born on or after September 1st, 1997.

Ohio Valley Region Player Bill of Rights

13-1 = Becki Zang (12-2 coach last year)
13-2 = TBD
13-3 = Amanda Schuler (Head coach Kings HS, 14-1 coach last year)

13-1 = $1750 ( 7 or 8 tourneys including USA or JVA Nationals )
13-2 = $1550 ( 7 or 8 tourneys including season ending tourney)
13-3 = $1250 ( 6 or 7 tourneys ending at Regionals in May)

 Tryout date:
Sunday, October 31st from 12:30 - 3:00
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early
$20 tryout

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U13 General Information

Elevation Volleyball Club is looking for great things from the U13 age group next year.  While our U12 teams both won tournaments during the course of their season, we will be bringing in new players to increase the competition for existing positions and to form a 3rd team at this age group.  As you know, players change so rapidly at this age and it will be exciting to see the girls at tryouts in the fall.  All players will be chosen based on tryouts held the weekend of October 29-31.  The level of play for each team (National, American, Regional) will depend on the final rosters and only the 1st team is guaranteed to be a National team at this time.  We will be holding open gyms during the month of October for those of you looking for more court time before tryouts.  We also have a series of fall clinics on Sundays and Training Teams during the week for more chances to learn and improve.
July Invitation Clarification for those that are curious: 
The "July Invite Rule" put in place this year pertains to "home clubs" only.  Home clubs had until July 21st to officially invite players back for next year if desired.  Acceptance of an offer was to be due by July 31st.  This would lock the players spot for the next year.  The July rule is best for entire teams that want to stay together and for top players who would be potentially recruited by another club and want to stay with their current club.  That helps a team build its core and takes some unknowns out of the air so the rest of you can make competent decisions.  This year we have seen clubs stretch for early commitments even from the 2nd or 3rd teams in their club.  It is an undesired consequence that many people feel pressured to accept a spot on a team that they know little about or when they wish to test the waters elsewhere.  That is not the intent of the early signing period.  The region asked that clubs making invites disclose the coach, fees, expected schedule, and certainly which team they are being invited on.  The July rule will likely be negatively received this year due to the surprise of it's arrival and the degree to which it has been used.  I expect that the rules will continue to be tweaked as the region tries to keep clubs in line as far as recruiting goes.  While things have sped up, much will be known and players should be able to navigate the waters more easily since they know their options.  The main positive will be that clubs will take a large breath  and slow down during the high school season since they have offered many of their spots to their current players already.
The July Rule has nothing to do with players from other clubs.  If a player is looking to switch clubs, they are allowed (at any point during the year) to inquire about another club team but no official acceptance is possible until November.  Conversely, clubs can not seek out players and can only respond to inquiries.  If you are being emailed, approached, or otherwise "recruited" by another club representative, I'd like to know about it.  It is illegal and this new rule was put in place to try and limit the recruiting of players off of other teams by taking them "off the board" in July.  An unintended consequence of this rule seems to be the desire to fill as many teams as possible now which is why JO open gyms have suddenly popped up in July for the 1st time ever.  That will hopefully be adjusted moving forward so we don't overwork players in July.  Many rules have been debated in an effort to keep JO's separate from the high school season.  The July 'Home Club Rule" is one such rule and is certainly a work in progress. 
How the July Rule would have affected our club at the U13 age group:
The fact is that if we would have invited any of you back "officially", it would have been to our 1st, 2nd, or 3rd team specifically and we were not ready to define all of that just yet. You can not ask a player to accept a general spot in the club.  It must be for a specific team.  We would have struggled to decide all the spots on the top team, upset those of you who wanted to tryout for that team, and then we would have likely run tryouts for the 2nd team anyway.  This was not needed.  Since you can't sign with another team until November anyway, we will just wait.   Yes, we could have invited some of you that are obvious selections but we will do that this fall.
General Recruiting Rules:
Clubs can not cold call or "recruit" players to play for them.  I know a few other clubs are holding open gyms right now with the intent of finding new players but any players "found" can not sign a contract and are not bound to any team until after the November tryout period when they officially pick a team.  Elevation will not be holding open gyms in July and we will not be seeking out new players.  We will respond to inquiries about our teams made through our website or by phone about any open positions or our tryouts as usual.  Ohio Valley Region Player Bill of Rights